Hi, there!

I started Of Babes and Bad Guys so I could basically talk my ass off about all of the things I love, and all the ways in which they intersect: pop culture, fandom, and the female gaze.

This blog is dedicated to exploring the links between the three, with a specific focus on characters (especially antagonists), books, TV shows, films, and pop culture spectacles centered around horor, fantasy, and sci-fi.

From the phenomenon of teratophillia to the widely-held obsession with onscreen killers, this site looks to unpackage, with empathy, the ins and outs of why women are often enamored of these worlds, entities, and themes.

Here you’ll find:

  • Monster Spotlights
  • Film Reviews
  • Trope Analyses
  • Metas
  • And observations on emerging trends in Bad Guy fandom

So if you’re interested in a whole lotta rambling with an extra dash of nonsense, please don’t hesitate to click on over to the front page and check it out!

~ Bri.